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Field Strength Meter (DB Meter)

Field Strength Meter (DB Meter)

Code: AS 952/AS 950

Analog DB Meter

Analog DB Meter
Analog DB Meter
Analog DB Meter
Analog DB Meter
Analog DB Meter
Analog DB Meter


AS 950 is an Analog Meter which displays signal strength, frequency, channel number & V/A on the LCD screen.

AS 952 displays all the features of AS 950 with additional features of Optical level & Digital level.

Sharp Vision Field Strength Meter AS 952 is a "4 in 1" DB Meter for complete trouble shooting in the field, be it DIGITAL, OPTICAL or ANALOG signal. AS 952 goes from Analog mode to Optical & Digital by press of front panel switches.


Analog features

• Accuracy: ±1.5 dB        
• Freq.: 40 ~ 860 MHz (106 Ch.)
• Battery Protection with auto power off
• Memory of 106 Channels at 10 Locations
• Rechargeable Battery & Charger Provided
• Slope & Level Measurement at any 3 Ch. of your Choice
• V/A Measurement & Sound Output of Selected Channels
• Automatic Freq. Tuning – Essential to get Correct Level
• Favorite Ch. Selection for Quick Study of your Cable System

Digital features

  • Digital signal level display for 16 QAM to 256 QAM

Optical features

  • Optical level display +4dBm to -15dBm



AS 952: Digital + Optical + Analog (all three features)

AS 950: Analog