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OLT - Optical Line Terminal (Edge Models)

OLT - Optical Line Terminal (Edge Models)

Code: Edge 2/4/8

Edge 2 OLT

Edge 2 OLT
Edge 2 OLT
Edge 2 OLT
Edge 2 OLT
Edge 2 OLT


Sharp Vision Edge Optical Line Terminal (OLT) are located at MSO/LCO Head End and transmits data at 1490nm & receives at 1310nm wavelength. This signal passes through Splitters and can serve 64 customers upto a distance of 20km with one of its ports.

Sharp Vision Edge Optical Line Terminal (OLT) incorporate GPON-i technology & have many advance feature, for example - Network profile can be made for user identification and the bandwidth allocation for individual identified ONU.

Edge-OLT's GEPON-i Functions:

  1. Conversion of ISP signal to Fiber Optic Signal used in PON systems at ultra high rate with auto refresh.
  2. Coordinating the multiplexing between the conversion devices that is ONU (at customer's premises).
  3. Bandwidth allocation & management for each connected ONU's with a single click.
  4. Control over all connection parameters - like enabling/disabling of ONU, data speed decrease /increase of ONU.
  5. Web Interface for easy configuration.
  6. Enhanced monitoring system.




  • Advanced Security Protocols
  • L3 Routing capability
  • Algorithm for Automated Bandwidth Management
  • Plug & Play - Auto connect /Auto discovery of ONU
  • SNMP Software provided
  • IU height is 19" rack mountable
  • SNMP Support for 3rd party like MRTG & Cacti
  • 3rd party Sys Log Server Support


  • Edge OLT 2P: 2GE (Copper) + 2SFP (Combo slots + 2EPON ports), Supports 128 ONU with 1:64 Splitter
  • Edge OLT 4P: 4 GE (Copper) + 4SFP (Combo slots) for Uplink interface + 4EPON ports, Supports 256 ONU with 1:64 Splitter
  • Edge OLT 8P: 8GE (Copper) + 8SFP(Combo slots) for Uplink interface + 8 EPON ports, Supports 512 ONU with 1:64 Splitter