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External Modulated Transmitter…

Code: EXT. TX

Sharp Vision 1550nm Externally Modulated Optic Transmitter adopts narrow bandwidth…

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NLW Transmitter 1550nm

Code: NLW

NLW  Transmitter 1550nm  produces Laser with Narrow Line Width. This…

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LX Transmitter

LX Transmitter 1310nm

Code: LX

In a RF power pass trunk line if the signal is to be converted into optical for…

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X mitter

EDFA 1550nm

Code: EDFA

Sharp Vision EDFA consists of Dual Synchronize Pump (dsP) with increased efficiency…

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DX Transmitter

Optic Transmitter DX…

Code: DX

Sharp Vision Optic transmitters are based on DFB Technology for transmission of…

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EX Transmitter

Optic Transmitter EX…

Code: EX

Sharp Vision Optic transmitters are based on DFB Technology for transmission…

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FTFA Transmitter

Fiber Transmitter cum…

Code: FTFA

If  1310 Fiber signal drops down to –ve level, we can install FTFA to…

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